The mission of Idroflorence srl is the realization of a functional, durable, beautiful to look at and superior quality work, whatever the type of intervention: waterproofing, roof renovation, industrial and civil constructions, construction of ventilated aluminum facades, works in metal and laminated wood carpentry, copper and zinc aluminum roofs, roofs covered with ceramic tiles, construction of photovoltaic systems.

Design and Implementation

The commercial  and the technical office for assist to the designer in the design and construction phase. All the structures produced by Idroflorence follow a precise design process, aimed at guaranteeing the quality of the realization.

From the idea of ​​the architect or the client  borns  proposals developed by the technical department ...

Autogrill video "Villoresi Est"


To ensure a high quality control it uses only its own staff and uses only materials of proven quality.

Each employee is trained with specific courses in partner companies and the particularities of the technique have been deepened to pursue the coveted title of Quality Installers for all our partners ...


The company is located in the industrial area of Barberino Val d’Elsa (province of Florence), in an optimal position for the transport of products throughout Italy and abroad. The structure consists of a 1500 sqm workshop building, 300 sqm offices, 1200 sqm outdoor spaces, all on a total area of approximately 3000 sqm ...


Legal and Operative Headquarters:
Via G. Galilei, 26 - 50021 Barberino Val d'Elsa (FI) - Italy

VAT IT03990640488 - Rea FI-404195
SOA 43612/10 - Social Capital € 100.000,00 f.p.

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